Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Bucket List!!! :)

Well ... always wanted a place to pen down whatever I pondered on ... finally I've decided to start a blog ... (although I can't write so well ... ) ... (anyways WGAS - who gives a shit??)
Here goes ... my bucket list which I have been piling up since a very long time ...
Some that may get fulfilled .. some that may not...

anyways ... (in no order of preference whatsoever .. )

1. Drive a Bugatti Veyron at a lil more than 250kmph on the German Autobahn or the I-75 in Florida with the one I love in the passenger seat ... (cuz if i ask her to marry me then, she wudnt say no... lol )
2. Attend a Mark knopfler concert ... (and probably produce one of his album)
3. Own a Gibson Les Paul and a Taylor Acoustic guitar
4. Own a Yamaha RD350 HT
5. Own a GMC Yukon
6. Become a really good sound engineer
7. Learn how to play the guitar like Sir Mark Knopfler does... :)
8. Have the fastest wifi connection in my house
9. Go on a Eurotrip by road (with cash enough to see everything properly)
10. Own a Nikon DSLR
11. Go on a road trip to some of the awesomest places in India with my friends.
12. Get married at the beach and have a famous band play there
13. Exercise enough to have a really good physique :p
14. Be the Godfather of someone (some wish .. weird)
15. Fly the A380 and see what the fuss is all about .. :D
16. Build a Theatre in my house with the best sound & the best projector ... and watch 'The Shawshank Redemption' with my friends
17. Go to a Russell Peters Show and sit in the front row
18. Build a really good music studio with the state-of-the-art equipment.
19. Attend a Top Gear show ... maybe drive on the track .. maybe even do the sound for the show...
20. Go for a firing at a firing range whenever I want to vent my anger or even for the heck of it
21. Meet Bono of U2 and even The Edge
22. Donate blood to a dying person
Rescue someone from a fire
24. Visit some of the best places in the world ... and some weird like Antartica ..
25. Be with family and friends for christmas
Attend the Lakewood Church
27. Own a large collection of Converse
Maintain a new year resolution for atleast six months ... :)
29. Jump from a very tall building without being suspended by ropes (freefall) on anything soft (so that I will survive)
30. Go snowboarding
31. Read the entire Bible and understand it thoroughly
32. Make a movie with Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Irfan Khan and Nana Patekar (obviously not everyone in the same movie ... can you imagine how that would be ... lol ... )
33. Go on a cruise ship
34. Sit in the passenger seat of a car where Michael Schumacher is the driver ... (if not him, then Lewis Hamilton ... )
35. Do the sound design for Pixar Animations
36. ...
(more to come .. :) )

P.S. there were two on the list that have been fulfilled now -
- one was to own the best phone in the world without having any regrets :) (The HTC Touch HD)
- other was to own the Boss GT3 Guitar Pedal